Danny Seo says he’s ‘bored’ of having company

Former Cowboys player and TV pundit Danny Siew is tired of being a part of the ‘Boom Boom’ and has been told he should “stop being a member of that club”.

Key points:”I’m bored with having to be a part [of the Cowboys] and they’re always talking about the big boys,” he said”They’re never there.

We have a great staff, they’re very professional, they do what they’re supposed to do.

I’m just not there.”

In a statement released today, Seo said he “wasn’t happy” when Cowboys chief executive, Dave Smith, called him to say he would not be “a part of a club that has so many young players”.

“It was an extremely frustrating phone call and a disappointing call,” he added.

Seo said that when he asked why he was being told to “stop” being a Cowboys member, Smith told him he had “been told that you’re not good enough”.

“This is the first time I’ve ever heard someone say that and that’s been a frustrating phone conversation,” he told News.co.uk.

“It’s not what we want to be doing.”

Seo played 11 seasons for the Cowboys, the last of which he played for the Melbourne Storm in 2008.

He is also a presenter on the NRL network and host of the popular weekly podcast “Cowboys”.

In 2016, he was named the NRL’s most influential person by fans and businesspeople.

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