How the NFL and CBS were able to keep their ratings ahead of the storm: A look at the key moments of Week 4

The NFL and the CBS have continued to reign supreme as the most-watched cable sports networks on TV, despite severe weather conditions in many parts of the country.

While the game-day viewership ratings for CBS’s Thursday night NFL game against the New England Patriots were up nearly a full game in the key demo (16.4 million viewers), the ratings for the NFL game on CBS were down by nearly 30% (13.1 million).

The ratings for Monday night’s Patriots-Browns game on NBC fell by almost 40% (12.9 million) from a record high for an NFL game (26.5 million viewers).

That number dropped by almost 50% for the Bears-Eagles game on Fox.CBS, meanwhile, did slightly better, up by 11% (11.9, or 14.5M) in the overnight ratings for its Sunday Night Football game against Oakland (11-13-5, NBC).

The NFL did even better in the demo (15.3 million viewers) with its Sunday night game against Tampa Bay, though the NFL did not have to face the storm conditions of the area for its game against Atlanta.

The NFL also fared better in prime time with its Thursday night game at Denver against the Broncos (12-11-2, NBC), which was the league’s highest-rated game since Week 2 of the season.

That game was also up slightly in the final three weeks of the year.

The ratings numbers for’s Thursday Night Football were up by almost 5% (6.3M) for the season’s second straight week, though it still trailed the ratings of the same week a year ago.

That was largely because of the storms that struck parts of Texas and the Northeast in recent’s Thursday and Sunday games, which were up 4% in total viewers (1.1M), were also up by 4% (2.4M) with their Tuesday night game vs. the Jets (2-9-1, CBS).

Fox was the only network to score a big week in primetime.

Fox’s Thursday game at Kansas City (11:30 p.m.) was up by over 5% in prime-time viewers (619,000), while its Sunday game vs., Chicago (11 p.d.) was down 4% and its Tuesday night matchup at Baltimore was down 5%.

Fox’s Thursday matchup vs. Green Bay was down 2% (766,000).

The network’s Sunday game at New England (10 p.t.) was also down 2%.CBS was up 1% (1,749,000) in prime hour, while Fox’s Sunday matchup at Tampa Bay was up 3%.

The ratings of CBS’s Sunday night matchup vs Atlanta were down 10% (4.4) from the same night a year earlier, and the network’s Thursday performance vs. Pittsburgh was down 6%.

Fox, meanwhile,, was down by 7% (3.3) in its Thursday prime time game against Seattle (11 a.m.).

The ratings were down 7% for Fox’s Wednesday night game in Kansas City.

The top 10 markets for ratings on Thursday Night football were:New York, up 3% (17.7M)Dallas, up 2% (+12%)Los Angeles, down 1% (+3%)Miami, down 2%, down 2%)Chicago, down 3% (+15%)Houston, down 4%, down 1%)Philadelphia, down 5% (+9%)Detroit, down 6% (+5%)Atlanta, down 9% (+10%)Seattle, down 8% (+4%)Kansas City, down 7.5% (+1%)Baltimore, down 11% (+6%)Indianapolis, down 15% (+11%)New Orleans, down 17% (+14%)Houston and the South, down 18% (+16%)Dallas and the North, down 22% (+13%)Kansas, down 24% (+8%)New York and the West, down 31% (+21%)Los Santos, down 34% (+20%)Atlanta and the East, down 36% (+18%)Los Inglesinos, down 38% (+19%)Los Alamos, down 42% (+17%)Charlotte, down 43% (+22%)Dallas-Fort Worth, down 50% (+23%)Los Altos, up 38% (-18%)Houston-The Woodlands-Port Arthur, down 46% (-19%)Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta-Marathon, down 54% (-23%)Jacksonville-Tampa Bay, down 61% (-26%)Austin-Round Rock, down 62% (-24%)New Jersey, down 67% (-28%)Denver, down 69% (-29%)Dallas, down 70% (-30%)Los Angles-Vegas-Santa Barbara, down 78% (-31%)Detroit-Ann Arbor, down 84%