How to stop ‘fake news’ and stop being duped by fake news

Young Joo is a lawyer who specialises in helping victims of fake news.

So he has a special expertise when it comes to getting fake news out of the mainstream.

The ‘fake’ is a word used by the media to describe stories that are not based in fact or facts but instead are designed to create the appearance of factual or objective information.

The problem is that the public can be tricked by the words they hear.

When you hear a word like ‘fake’, you are more likely to believe it than if you were told that the word was used by someone who knows more than you.

I can tell you that I have never heard a word of truth from the media, whether it is the New York Times, the BBC, the Guardian, CNN, Fox News, CNN or other news sources, including some of the most reputable news outlets.

But I do believe the media has a responsibility to stop creating a false narrative and then telling the public that it is.

So, how do you tell the truth without being manipulated by the word?

The answer is by taking the time to read what the mainstream media is telling you.

This can be done by looking for examples and research what is being reported, and what is really being said.

Read about what the New Zealand government says about fake news here.

I will also explain how the media can take a stand to defend the right of the public to have an honest debate.

This article was originally published by Al Jazeera and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

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