How to Use Twitter to Sell Your Stuff

Wired is back!

If you missed our article about how to use Twitter to sell your stuff, this is for you!

We recently launched the Twitter Toolkit and the first part of that toolkit is the “Twitter Marketing” section.

The toolkit contains a number of features, including the ability to:* Track your current and previous tweets* Create custom tweet templates* Create customized “social” or “business” Tweets* Use an RSS feed to send Tweets to your contacts via Twitter’s app (in the same way as email)* Tweet on your profile page with the built-in Twitter app widget* Manage the number of followers you have on Twitter, and whether or not you use it* Monitor the number and type of followers for your followers* Create, manage, and delete custom tweetsYou can read the full version of the toolkit over on the toolkits website.

We’ve added a few additional features in this version:* The ability to set custom “social channels” to track your current Twitter followers and create custom tweet template, along with a variety of other features.* Tweets can be tracked with the “social channel” feature.

(If you don’t have a social channel, then you can use the “follow” or other Twitter features to track the tweets of others.)* Tweets will now be displayed as a “feed” in the tweet viewer on your main screen.

(It used to be just a single line.)* The “follow”-feature is now integrated into the Twitter app, so you can add or remove followers from a tweet, and have them automatically appear in your feed.

If you’re looking to add a new follower, just follow them and they’ll be added to your feed automatically.* Tweeter statistics now include the “time spent tweeting” and “total number of tweets” metrics, as well as the number tweets you’ve posted.

This is all great stuff, but we wanted to add another feature that lets you do more:Create custom tweet templating.

This allows you to embed your custom tweet into your own tweets.

This can be useful if you want to show your audience what you did today or your recent tweet, or if you have a custom “favorite” tweet or want to showcase the tweets that your followers love.

(To learn more, check out our article on how to embed a tweet.)

This is a feature we’ve been working on since September 2017, and is currently in its beta phase.

This means that we have a few features still to add, and we’ve made some changes to how the feature works in this new beta version.

Here’s what’s new:When you post a tweet using the Twitter toolkit, it shows up on your sidebar.

You can then tap on “Tweet Template” and then “Create Template.”

Here you can select your template from the dropdown menu, and you can also specify the Twitter platform, such as “iOS,” “Android,” or “Windows.”

Here are the changes that we made to the tool.

Note that the “Tweet Templates” section in the “Tweeter Statistics” section of the Toolkit now includes “Social Channel” functionality, which lets you display a list of tweets from specific Twitter accounts and track their number of follower or retweet attempts.

You will need to add followers or retweet requests to your profile in order to view the list of followers.

You’ll also need to enable “Social Channels” for your Twitter account.

Here are some screenshots of the new tool:The main difference between this beta version and the version released last year is that we’re removing the “Custom Twitter Tweets” feature from the Twitter tools page.

We’re doing this to make the tools more user-friendly and user-friendlier for developers and end users.

We hope that the new tools will bring more people to Twitter and increase the number—and the engagement—of your posts.

We look forward to seeing how you use them!

Here are a few things you’ll need to do before you can embed a custom tweet.

Here is a screenshot of the Tweeter Statistics page from last year:We’re adding a new button that lets users create custom Tweets for themselves, and that allows you:* Create an unlimited number of custom Tweeter Tweets.* Add your own hashtags to your Tweeter Tweet Template.* Add your Twitter profile picture to your custom Tweet Template.* Remove the Twitter logo from your custom Tweet Template.* Change the font of your customTweeter TweetTemplate.

We hope you enjoy the new Tweeter Stats and Tweeter Analytics features, and feel free to leave feedback on the Twitter team.

Thanks for using Twitter!

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