The best things to buy in Australia’s most popular shopping hub

AUSTRALIA’S biggest city, Melbourne, is one of the most popular destinations for Australian shoppers, with a population of nearly 11 million people.

However, it’s also one of those places where a lot of things have gone wrong.

We’ve got a lot going wrong with our cities.

AAP/AP Images The Melbourne CBD was built on the ruins of a huge building, which is one thing you’d expect from a place with an ancient heritage.

But Melbourne’s biggest problems are not just its history.

In the past 30 years, the city has been transformed into a shopping hub that’s become a place where people of all ages and income levels are moving into, and leaving, the CBD.

There are now more than 1.8 million Australians living in Melbourne’s CBD, and they are increasingly leaving the city.

“The major problems we’ve had in the CBD are the lack of retail, the lack or lack of space to live and shop,” said Peter Cappelli, a Melbourne architect who has designed the city’s iconic CBD skyscrapers.

The city’s CBD has changed over time, but the core of the city still stands, and that’s because it’s not being managed properly, Cappellis told Business Insider.

Cappelli and a group of architects from Cappello & Cappella, a group based in Melbourne, wanted to create a design for the CBD that was “a little more contemporary, a little more modern, a bit more contemporary architecture”.

The group’s design for Melbourne’s central business district was to incorporate elements of the old city.

The core of Melbourne was to be designed as a modernised version of the Victorian Town Hall.

One of the architects, David Cappelly, told Business Week in 2012: “The central business area is a modern piece of architecture that is very much connected to the city, so we wanted to connect that with the Victorian style of architecture.”

In fact, it looks very much like the Victorian town hall.

The area around the building is almost entirely covered in concrete and glass, which was used in the early 1900s to house the city hall, Cappselli said.

As the area has grown, so have the problems Melbourne has had with its streets.

This section of Yarra Rd, at the centre of the CBD, has seen the largest increase in footfall over the past 20 years.

It is also one area that is being left unbuilt.

There is a major lack of affordable housing in the city of Melbourne.

There are just over 100,000 residents in Melbourne and, while there is an estimated 5,000 to 10,000 empty apartments in the area, CAppellis said Melbourne has an estimated 3,500 to 4,000 vacant homes.

That’s where the problem lies.

At the end of this year, Cattler said, the Victorian Government will be reviewing whether or not it can be sold off and redeveloped into a new city, but Cappelis believes it is unlikely that the Melbourne CBD will be able to move forward.

He said: “We are seeing a massive amount of redevelopment taking place, but they are not building the new buildings, they are just replacing the old buildings.”

The problem in Melbourne isn’t just a lack of land.

The CBD has also become an unplanned, unplanned place.

There has been a massive increase in people leaving the CBD in the past 15 years.

About 40 per cent of people in Melbourne who have lived there for more than a decade have left.

Victoria’s CBD is in the midst of a housing crisis, as people who are unable to afford to buy homes leave the city to find work elsewhere.

This has left the city in crisis, and in the process, the cost of housing has been increasing.

Many of Melbourne’s most important retailers are located in the suburbs, where the average rent is about $3,500 a week.

However, a new development is taking place in the Melbourne suburb of Docklands, which will see the closure of the iconic and iconic shopping centre in favour of a much larger shopping mall.

Despite the massive number of vacancies in Melbourne in the wake of the housing crisis and the looming threat of homelessness, Capperis said he does not believe the city is in crisis.

Instead, he said, Melbourne is experiencing a huge change in how the city deals with its residents.

“We’ve created a real sense of a ‘we’re not in the business of taking people away’, so we’re actually creating a very positive sense of the community, a real community that is working together to create this new city,” he said.

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