What is Grace Seo? | Aussie surfing star, new book

AUSTRALIA’S ‘SEO JI’ | Seo is the newest member of the surfing world.

Grace Seon is the youngest member of The Big Wave team and was born in Perth in March 2000.

She was raised in Melbourne and Sydney and graduated from the University of New South Wales.

Seo has been surfing for more than 15 years.

She’s now a surfing professional and teaches at Surf Australia.

Here are some of her skills and skillset: surfing with her brothers and sister, surf lessons and competitions, teaching surfing courses to kids and surfers, and coaching young surfers.

In 2018, she was nominated for the prestigious Surf Australian Junior of the Year award.

She is the only female to be inducted into the Surf Australia Junior of The Year award in her sport.

She said the sport of surfing had changed dramatically since she first started surfing in 2004.

“It’s a bit like going from being a child to being an adult.

It’s like two very different things,” she said.

“You have this incredible feeling of empowerment and being able to go out and surf.

But then you’ve got to be responsible for your actions and it’s still really scary.”

The hardest thing is to stay calm and cool.

I still think about it every day, but I just have to stay focused.

“Seo said her brother was very supportive and always wanted to do the right thing.

I feel so blessed that he’s my hero and my hero is me.” “

He’s a big part of my life now.

I feel so blessed that he’s my hero and my hero is me.”

Seon said she is still learning the basics of surfing.

“I know how to swim and I know how much it takes to be on the water and how hard it is,” she told ABC News Breakfast.

“There’s lots of different skills and you learn it from the outside and it all just builds on itself.”

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