Why you should stop shopping at seo, Google says

Google’s search giant says it’s no longer selling seo products online, after its acquisition of the company.

The search giant said it’s shutting down the sale of seo from its websites, Google Play and Google Search.

It said the decision to stop selling seom products will allow Google to focus on “our core business.”

Google said in a statement to Mashable that seo was sold to Google in 2018 for $1.7 billion, and that it had sold it for $6.5 billion.

The search giant is now selling its own products.

“The decision to shut down the seo business is a reflection of the fact that the seom business has matured and grown rapidly in recent years, and we need to continue to invest in it to continue growing the product line and delivering our products to our customers,” the search giant added.

Google said the seos products include:AdWords for selling search ads, a product it said is used by a “significant number of advertisers” to generate revenue.

Google Search for helping businesses understand the meaning of keywords and search queries, a tool that helps brands target advertising to the right people.

Google+ for letting people share photos and videos with friends, a feature that allows people to follow others who are sharing their work and create groups to work together.

Google Play for buying and selling apps, a service that allows consumers to buy and download apps from Apple and Google.

The acquisition is the latest development in Google’s quest to expand into new markets and services.

Earlier this month, it bought Motorola Mobility for $12.9 billion.

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