Seo blog: ‘I am the one’

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the popular web blog Seo, which is based in Korea.

Its founder, Jeon Seo and his wife, Choi Jeong, were born and raised in South Korea, but moved to the U.S. to attend university.

But, the couple has a history of controversy in their native country.

Jeon Seop’s blog has become the subject of an ongoing debate, and the internet has reacted with some kind of outrage, with some people saying it was wrong for a couple of women to have a blog.

Jeon and Choi have been under fire since the story broke last week, and in the wake of the controversy, a few commenters have called out their husband for his comments.

In a recent interview with Fox News, Seo apologized for the posts, saying, “I made the mistake of making an article on the topic of dating and relationships that may have hurt people.

I regret that.””

The whole thing is really ridiculous,” he added.

The couple has been called “the one who got kicked out of Korea,” and “the only woman to get kicked out,” in some of their responses to the controversy.

In the interview, Seon spoke about his experience as a married man in the United States and Korea, and how he was surprised to discover how difficult it was to find love in his homeland.

The couple’s relationship began when he went to visit his family in the U-S.

in 2007.

He said he met Choi at a friend’s wedding and had “a blast” after meeting her, until she started talking about her job.

He was skeptical, but then she asked him to go to Seoul to work for her company, so he did.

Choi was also working at her company when they met, so they both moved in together.

He says they eventually married in 2012, and lived together in Seoul.

“After I got married, I was not able to go out with people.

It was really hard to go see my friends, because I had to work,” Seo said.

“It was not a very romantic thing for me, because it was really difficult to be out.

I don’t want to say that it was easy, but it was very difficult to get together with a woman who is just going to give you everything and have you love her.”

But Seo says he has not stopped dating women in Korea, including his daughter and daughter-in-law.

In fact, he says that his daughter has gone out with a number of women.

Seo says his wife was also hesitant to marry in Korea because of her work, but she has come around to the idea.

“We did not think that we could go on a honeymoon with a man and be with him for a long time, so she came around to me, and we went out on a couple dates, and it’s been really great,” he said.

“We were very fortunate.

She is the only woman in our family that I have dated,” he continued.

“She has not been a bad woman, but I am the only person that she has been able to date, and she has not gone out to date a man.”

Jeon said he feels comfortable saying that his wife is the one who has had a big impact on his life, and that she was the one that first pushed him to be honest with her.

“I am really happy that she came to me and told me about the things she does, but of course she was very worried about me, about how much it would affect me,” he told Fox News.

“And she said that I am one of the few women in the world that can give you happiness and happiness and love.

She’s a very smart woman, and I can see why.”

For more on Seo’s blog, click here to read Jeon’s interview with The Wall St. Journal.

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