The 10 Most Popular Online Retail Services in Australia – 2013

Posted June 08, 2013 10:27:06 The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released its latest figures showing that retailing giants Amazon and eBay are both leading the way in the nation.

The ABS’ Retail Productivity Report for 2013 shows that the country’s biggest online retailers accounted for almost 70 per cent of total retail sales in the year to March 31.

Amazon was second with 14 per cent, followed by eBay with 10 per cent and Paypal with 9 per cent.

In fact, the top 10 retailing companies in Australia are all owned by one or more of these five companies.

Amazon, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of, accounts for 51 per cent share of total sales in Australia.

eBay accounts for 10 per, while Paypal has 10 per.

The biggest online retail companies are owned by Amazon and Apple, with Amazon holding a 39 per cent market share, while eBay is second with a 24 per cent lead.

The top 10 online retail firms have a combined revenue of $7.9 billion.

The data also shows that Australian consumers are increasingly opting to pay for goods online.

About two thirds of people in Australia now say they would pay more for online purchases, according to the latest ABS figures.

But, that may be changing, as consumers increasingly prefer to pay via a credit card.

The statistics also show that the top five retailing firms in Australia account for over half of all payments made by Australians.

Paypal, which has been struggling in recent years, accounted for 28 per cent payment processing revenue last year, while Apple and Amazon have accounted for 23 per cent each.

PayPal has also been a pioneer in the digital payments space, which started with the launch of its first mobile payments app, in 2010.

In addition, Amazon has launched a variety of e-commerce platforms including Amazon Web Services (AWS), which has since expanded to the US, and Amazon Echo, which aims to bring Alexa-style voice-controlled devices to consumers.

Apple has also introduced a range of new devices in the past few years, including the iPhone 6s and the iPhone SE.

It is currently launching the iPad Pro with the iPhone 7, and the iPad Mini with the iPad Air.

The new Apple Watch has also launched, along with Apple Pay and Apple Music.

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