What is it like to be a Korean footballer in Australia?

From the start of the season, when South Korea was ranked second in the world behind Australia in the FIFA World Cup rankings, there was a feeling that there was something special going on in the K-League.

A few months ago, the team was ranked No. 1 in the country and that was the first time that a team in the league had topped the rankings.

It had never been achieved before.

That sense of optimism has never been more pronounced.

South Korea has been a team that has struggled to live up to its expectations and, to a large extent, that has been due to a lack of preparation.

So how do you prepare for a game when you’re just a team of four players?

The coach and the players are at the forefront of all things.

For me, that’s what you see when you go to the ground.

You see the energy of the players, the excitement and the passion, but there’s a lot of preparation going on.

The coach has to understand his players’ strengths, weaknesses and strengths, and he has to keep them motivated, but also keep them ready for any situation.

That’s why you see so much difference when you see these players play, even though the results aren’t always the best.

The preparation is also an important part of it.

We have to have a plan in mind, which means we have to think ahead to how we are going to play, which is something you can’t do in the first week of a new season.

It’s not always easy to get those thoughts in, but we have a lot to do.

The first game I ever saw was against a big team like Shanghai SIPG, which was one of the top teams in the tournament.

I think it was a 1-0 win, but they also had some good players, and I think we were able to get a good result.

It was a good learning experience.

I was very impressed with the preparation of the team and the coaches.

It takes time and the experience to get to the top, but the more you do it, the more success you’ll have.

You’re not going to be able to do it with a team like the Shanghai Sipg, but you can do it at home, with a small squad and you have to make sure that you’re prepared.

And if you’re not prepared, you can fall short of your goals and your dreams.

For the coaches, there’s nothing more important than being prepared.

So the biggest thing is that the players have to be in a good mental state to be ready for the games.

We do have to prepare in the same way.

We work on technique, the way we are moving forward, and we’re working on all aspects of the game, whether it’s passing, defending or attacking.

It means a lot when the team is playing well.

The games are so important and you can see how the players feel, what they want to achieve and they’re looking forward to it.

You can see it in the faces of the guys, the energy they’re showing and their enthusiasm.

You know the team will have a good day if they have a game like that, but if they play a poor game, they won’t have that energy and will lose.

We are very focused and it means that we are doing everything we can to help the team.

What I like about South Korea is that there are a lot more teams than there used to be.

It has more teams in it than ever before.

They’re not always the most experienced teams, but it has been very good for the players.

It gives the coaches a lot confidence.

It also gives the players confidence to perform.

It brings a lot for us to the game.

The players are going there to win.

If we are able to win games, the pressure of playing is reduced a lot, which can help the players focus and focus better, because we are trying to win, too.

So it’s very important for us.

We all know how good we are, how talented we are and we have all these people around us who are supporting us, and there are also players who are taking the pressure on themselves.

They are all very dedicated, so when they go to their training sessions and they are working, they are very motivated and that’s something we can all be proud of.

It doesn’t matter if you are a footballer or a coach or even just a person, you have the same goal.

It is always the same thing: To win games.

For that, we want to win a lot and to get the best result we can.

I’ve been here and played every game, so I’ve got a lot that I’ve learnt.

I know a lot about the Korean football game, the structure of the league and everything.

So that is why we want the best possible result.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I would like to think that every game is different.

You’ve got to go

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