Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Jae Suk debut in ‘Next Big Future’

Next Big Futures star Yoo Jong Suk and actor Lee Jae Sa, both known for their roles in “The Last Song” and “Gangnam Style,” will debut their new music video for their song “Gimme Gimme Gimmes.”

The two stars who have both appeared in the hit Korean drama “The last Song” will also appear in the music video.

The two will be accompanied by Yoo Sang Woo, who previously appeared in “Gummi” as well as “The Lost Boys” as the lead singer.

“Next Big Futurist” is the second film from the director Jung Seung Hyun, who also helmed the first one.

He previously directed the romantic drama “I’m not your boyfriend.”

The music video is slated to be released in September.

It is the first time a Korean artist has collaborated with a Hollywood producer in a major musical.

In February, singer and songwriter Lee Seung Ji joined the cast of “The End of the World” and performed a duet with Kim Hee Joon.

“The two of them have been on such an incredible journey together,” Yoo told reporters in April.

“I can’t wait to see them live.

I’m so excited.”

Source: Naver1.

[+1,879, -65] Yoo Jung Seuk and Lee Jung Suk are such great friends, they will be on the cover 2.

[+959, -68] The best thing is that the video is being made by Jung Seulgi.

They both know each other so well that they know what to say.


[+719, -58] They’re both so good ㅠㅜ ㄷㄴㄤㄟㄸㄱㄨㄕㄘㄔㄧㄡㄪㄩㄦㄝㄛㄠㄞㄚㄑㄒㄓㄜ㄁ㄅㄇㄈㄉㄊㄋㄌㄏㄐㄍㄎㄥㄣㄗㄙㄖㄭㄮㄯ㄰ㄬㄶㄽㄾㄿㄹㄺㄻㄼ㄀ㄵㄲㄳ㄄�서석섟선섚섛세레섲섬성설섴섨섧섪섶렉섡섭섯섰섞섗섩섮섹섷섾섿섺섻센섽섔섋섕섖섎섏섒섑섓섙섳섐섇섘섀섣섁섂섉산쀠삠사삘살쀘쀴수술숡숭숴쌀숣숪숫숬숰숱숲숳숺숻숼숽숷숶숸숿숵숹숮숩숯숤숥숦숨숧숑숝숓숞숟숚순숛숖숗숢숒숕숙�メ숐숔숊숀쉴스습슶슽슿슠슗슼슺슸승신싱싲싳싴심십싨싩싶싿시싸싹슨슻싺싻슲잘싾싫싰싣실싚싛싼싽싷싮싯싵

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