‘Biden doesn’t have a plan’: Trump’s former secretary of state talks about his vision for the world

“There’s not a plan to fix the problems that we’ve got,” Joe Biden said at a conference on Wednesday, as he laid out his vision of a new American leadership and the future of the Middle East.

“We are going to be the United States of America.

We are going be the world’s greatest superpower,” Biden said.

“We are not going to have a world government, we are not a world policeman, we will not have an empire, and we will be able to go around the world without having to ask permission from other countries.”

Biden was speaking at the United Nations General Assembly, where he announced that he was re-entering the presidential race after more than a year away from the Oval Office.

The White House has said Biden would seek to become the next president, while other candidates are already in the race.

In a joint appearance with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Biden said he was focused on his role as commander in chief, and that the new president would have the responsibility to deal with challenges around the globe.

“I will not be a leader who is distracted by politics, I will not focus on policy, I have a vision for what the United State should be, what the role of the United Kingdom and other countries should be,” Biden told the crowd.

“The challenge I face is that we have a president who’s in charge of the most powerful military in the world.

The president who can do the job of America, but also of the world.”

Trump, who has repeatedly attacked the Biden administration for its handling of the Iran nuclear deal, has not ruled out running for the White House in 2020.

Biden said Wednesday that he did not plan to enter the race, and reiterated his support for Trump.

“In the meantime, I’m focused on my work as the commander in general, and on my commitment to the United Nation’s Security Council, which is the world body that is responsible for making sure that our security and our interests are protected,” Biden was quoted as saying by The Associated Press.

Trump is the second-longest serving US president.

He was elected in November, with about 2 million votes, and will be sworn in on January 20.

The next day, he will attend the inauguration of President-elect Mike Pence, who will be inaugurated as the 45th US president on January 3.

Biden is the third-longstocked member of the Republican-controlled Senate, and the third Democratic member to join the ticket.

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