Google’s search engine is being used by criminals to spy on innocent people. Here’s what you need to know.

The new security measures Google is introducing to guard against malicious and offensive behavior in the online world are being widely used, even by people who aren’t tech savvy, a company spokesperson told Politico.

The measures include a new Google search engine that uses a Google-owned “smart lock” to secure search results, and a Google+ social network that uses Google’s artificial intelligence.

It also includes new features to detect and prevent malicious or offensive searches and posts.

The company has been trying to bolster its defenses against cybercrime since the hack that exposed the private data of over 30 million people in May.

Google has been in the spotlight over the past few years for its efforts to combat ransomware attacks, which were often blamed on the company itself.

Google recently launched a new security platform called Chromium to help users keep track of malicious activity.

The new technology has been around for several years, but the technology has only recently become available to the public.

Google is taking it one step further with its security initiative, though.

The Google spokesperson told the Politico article, “We’re taking a broader look at how we can help our customers protect themselves and their data.”

The new platform is part of Google’s efforts to improve its defenses and increase user safety.

Google says it is working with law enforcement, security companies, and the private sector to develop the smart lock.

Google’s new social network, Google Plus, has been under scrutiny since a recent hack, which exposed the personal data of 30 million users.

The social network was hacked by an unidentified attacker in February.

A Google spokesperson said the hack was discovered after Google employees were alerted by law enforcement that the company’s social network had been compromised.

The spokesperson said Google Plus “was a safe haven for law enforcement and intelligence partners” as well as a place for users to share their own personal information.

Google+ was compromised last year, but has since been patched.

The attack on Google Plus exposed the accounts of a few hundred users, including the CEO of the company, Marc Benioff.

Beniof, a former Apple executive, said the company was able to prevent the attack because he was an “expert” in how to use the social network to help fight cybersecurity threats.