How to audit your bank accounts

Samuel Seo, who runs, said it’s difficult to audit the accounts of those with no credit history. 

“It can take a few days to get the records back. 

It can also take up to a week, depending on the time of year,” Seo said.

“This can be done by contacting the bank directly.

But I don’t think this is a problem for all of the big banks.”

Seo believes the government should create an audit framework to tackle fraud and identity theft.

“I think the government needs to do something similar for the banks,” Seow said.

“If the government doesn’t want to do it, then why should banks have to?”

He said the government’s response so far has been “don’t bother”.

“There is a lot of information on the internet that people have been saying to the government, ‘you can’t audit my bank account,'” Seo added. 

Sega has set up a site to provide an audit service for people who want to verify their identity or credit history, and it will be launched soon.