How to help your business get your images to the front page of the Globe and Mail

The Globe and the Mail is looking for a photo editor who can produce images that are easily accessible to the public.

The job is a significant one for a photographer who needs to edit a large amount of images at once.

If you’re an online publisher with an eye on your image count and have a creative mind, this is a great opportunity.

The Globe is a small, independent news and information service that is owned by the CBC.

The news is delivered in English and French, and is available in all major Canadian markets, including in the United States.

If this sounds appealing to you, please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]

Post your application and cover letters in January 2019.

Posting deadline: Jan. 17, 2019.

Job description: You will work with a team of creative editors to help them create a unique look for the front pages of The Globe, as well as the front and back pages of other major Canadian newspapers.

We’ll be in charge of selecting, sourcing and processing high-quality images.

The photo editor will work in conjunction with the photo editor and other staff to create a cohesive image of a news story, and also work closely with the editorial team to ensure the editorial content meets the needs of the readers.

The editorial team will be in the process of selecting and sourcing high-resolution images for print, radio and digital formats.

The job is an exciting opportunity.

We are looking for an editor with experience editing images, and experience with digital media, particularly in print.

Our editorial team is led by a photo writer who will be responsible for creating images that meet our editorial standards.

This is an important and rewarding role for a talented photographer, and it is a job that will pay well.

The position is primarily a photo editing position, with additional responsibilities in the production of digital and print media.

Responsibilities include:1.

Editing high-res images for use in The Globe’s print and digital publications2.

Producing high-end photos for use as print or digital posters3.

Managing digital content and social media content4.

Contributing to The Globe team as an individual and as part of a team, working with the print team to manage content and promote the content to readers, clients, advertisers and the broader media.5.

Developing and producing social media posts for The Globe.6.

Working with the staff to develop the editorial vision for The Glob and the content we publish.7.

Managing the digital content strategy, as required.8.

Managing The Globe editorial team and managing content as needed.9.

Participating in internal and external social media activities.10.

Communicating with the Globe editorial staff about The Globe content.

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