‘I’d like to be dead’: Former Spice Girl and model Gwyneth Paltrow talks about her addiction to cocaine, heroin and sex videos

Former Spice Girls and model Erika Jayne has revealed that she has been addicted to drugs, and that she would like to die from it.

Speaking at the 2015 Edinburgh International Television Festival, Erika, 26, said: “I used to use drugs and heroin for a long time.

It wasn’t the drug that really made me feel sick, it was the feeling that I wasn’t safe at home, I wasn.

That’s what I used to deal with.”

Erika also revealed that her addiction was triggered by an encounter with a friend who, after she’d had enough of his behaviour, had a drink and left.

Erika said: I used drugs.

I would get a little bit drunk and I would leave.

I’d go into the toilet and get up and leave.

It was all very intense.

I think when I started doing cocaine, I didn’t want to stop, but I didn�t know how to stop.

And then one day I just took the drug.

It made me sick and I felt a bit sad, because I didn`t know what to do.

I was feeling very vulnerable, so I started using it.

“Erik, 24, who is from the Isle of Man, said he and Erika used to spend the evenings and weekends together, and he had a very low tolerance for alcohol.

He said: She used to have a little drink or two and then we’d have a few hours of fun together.

And I would go into my bedroom and I’d watch porn and I was like, I don’t know what I am doing, I think I need to quit.

I was in a really bad way, and then she would go down and just take me home and do all this and that, but that’s the worst part, that I was doing all this stuff.

I didn’t really understand the drug, I just thought it was a bit of fun.

She was the kind of person that would take you on the weekend, she was really into sex, so she could be in a very bad way.

But the drugs did help her sleep.

She said: You know, it gave me a bit more space.

I couldn’t sleep because it just would make me feel like this.

It gave me some time to think and just relax, and she would just sit and watch something on the TV or whatever, or we’d go out.

Erika had previously admitted to smoking crack cocaine, but said that it was because of a problem with her father.

She told the BBC in a 2014 interview: I’m not the type to smoke crack cocaine.

I’ve smoked it since I was 14, and I used it to numb my pain.

But I would not smoke it again, because it made me nervous.

The former Spice Girls star also said that she used to be able to use cocaine on her own and not go through the trouble of having someone buy it for her.

She also revealed how she once used heroin, which she said was a lot of fun but that she found difficult to stop when she was on it.

She added: I was in my mid-20s and I had just got a job.

So I was working from home.

So a friend of mine came over and I bought heroin for him, and we went to a club.

We went to another club and we started doing it.

We were really drunk and we were all having fun.

And we all started getting high and it was like a party.

I felt really good.

And the next thing I know I’m at home and my dad is sitting there with the heroin, saying, ‘what is wrong with you, what happened?

What happened to you?’

I was really scared, I felt so bad, I was having a hard time.

I just had to stop and I just did it, because the next time I was going to have to tell him, he was like: ‘you know what, you are so lucky to be here, what did you do?’

And I said, ‘nothing’. He said, �what did you say?

You are a fucking idiot.

You’re so fucking stupid.’

And I was saying, �No, no, I’m fine.

I don�t understand why you would say that.’

So he’s like, ‘I am, you know what?

You’re a fucking stupid cunt.

You don’t understand what you have done.’

I’m like, �You don’t get it.

I’m going to kill myself.’

I was drunk and he was laughing.

He was like �well, that was fun, but you shouldn’t have done it’.

He was so angry.

I told him, �I’m going home and I’m never going back, I hate myself so much, I am going to do this’.

And he was mad, so he got really angry and he said, `you

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