When we talk about a president, we should talk about someone who can win over a divided nation

By GEORGE SMITH and ERIC LUPPANANICH By GEORG SMITHAPA, Associated PressWASHINGTON (AP) When President Donald Trump and his advisers talk about “winning” or “getting it done” in Washington, it usually means making things better.

And when it comes to President Donald J. Trump, the phrase “getting things done” has become a buzzword.

A president who’s often been referred to as “Trump-in-waiting” or the “Trump whisperer” and whose policies often appear to be at odds with the views of the country’s governing party, Trump has been praised for doing just that.

In the last two weeks, Trump and congressional Republicans have made a series of legislative proposals aimed at making the U.S. more efficient, more responsive and more accountable.

They’ve also tried to change the way the government handles some of its most basic responsibilities.

In other words, the president is a good salesman.

Trump’s policies often fall under a broad umbrella that includes some of the administration’s signature initiatives.

But what distinguishes his agenda is that they tend to be broadly aimed at improving the lives of people who are the American people’s best hope for prosperity and social mobility.

He’s also tried his hand at running for office himself, a tactic he’s used more often than not as he tries to keep up with the world.

His campaign has focused on boosting manufacturing jobs, expanding health care and helping low-income Americans.

His Cabinet nominees have included economic advisers who are former Cabinet secretaries.

Trump is not the first U.N. chief to say that.

And there is no shortage of U.F.O.s out there trying to figure out how to win the world over.

But a U.C.L.A. study released Wednesday suggests that Trump’s policies are more likely to create jobs and help the country move forward than his predecessors.

The study, which was based on the United Nations Economic Commission for Asia Pacific (ECAP), also found that the country needs to invest more in public transit, expand public education and strengthen the social safety net.

It said that it is “important that the administration take the lead in this endeavor” by implementing a broad package of measures, including infrastructure investment and a national debt-reduction plan.

Trump, who took office in January, has called for sweeping changes to U.U.S.-U.N.-Uphold trade relations.

He wants the U, as the world’s largest economy, to accept more Chinese goods and technology and withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

The U.K.’s new Brexit government is aiming to do the same, saying it wants the bloc to respect the sovereignty of the U .


S departure from the European Union has led to a wave of new trade agreements between the U., which is the bloc’s largest trading partner, and other nations in the European Economic Area.

But it’s not clear if the U will do that.

The president, in a statement Thursday, called for the U to keep “our eye on China” and “stay the course.”

He also urged Congress to pass “a clean, fair, strong and prosperous trade agreement between the United States and the EU that would make it easier for American companies to compete in the global marketplace.”

He’s made it clear that the U wants to open up trade to other nations.

In a recent interview with the conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, Trump said that he wants to see a “clean, fair and strong” trade deal.

And he’s talked about opening up trade with China, the largest economy in the world, even as U.W. trade with the country has fallen sharply over the last few years.

The United States has about 200 million U.-visa holders, and some of them, as Hewitt put it, are “bigots” who have “no interest” in U.M.O., the acronym for the multilateral trade agreement that was forged by President Barack Obama and members of the G7 nations in 2011.

Trump has said that they’re all “job creators.”

A White House spokeswoman said Trump was “proud to stand alongside his counterparts around the world and fight for the good of all.”

And she said that Trump is “trying to make the United Kingdom a more attractive place for people to live and work.”

But the ECAP report says that U.R.S., the world body responsible for trade, is “very far from being in a position to make any meaningful progress toward these objectives,” and that the Trump administration has not made any progress on trade policy, or on U.O.’s commitment to protect workers and the environment.

The report also noted that “the U.A.’s own research indicates that its membership is not well positioned to make meaningful progress in addressing the environmental and labour issues that are fundamental to the prosperity of its people.”The

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