Which New York attorneys are best at representing athletes?

New York-based lawyer, Seo Jeong Yeon, is a veteran sports attorney with extensive experience representing NFL players, NBA players, and professional soccer players in various courts.

She was one of the first sports lawyers to specialize in NFL player representation, having represented former NFL star Michael Vick in 2007.

Jeong was also one of three New York sports attorneys selected by the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers to represent the team in their lawsuit against the NBA for its “bounty” policy.

She has been nominated by the NCAA for the National Basketball Association Women’s Coach of the Year award, and has also been nominated for the Women’s Professional Golf Association Coach of The Year award.

Jeo was the first woman in the New York area to earn a law degree from the University of New York at Binghamton.

Jeon is currently working as an attorney with a large New York law firm.

In an interview with USA Today in October 2017, Jeong revealed she has been on the defensive in recent years as she faced the scrutiny of former president Donald Trump.

Jez had a long career in sports law, and is now a partner at a sports law firm in New York.

The NFLPA, which filed the lawsuit, filed a motion for summary judgment in August 2018, seeking an injunction to prohibit Trump from removing former NFL players from the league.

The league argued the lawsuit was frivolous and that the union had no standing to sue the president.

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