Yoon Ji Hye Says She’s Still Not Done With The ‘Supernatural’ Movie News

On January 6, Yoon Jae Suk, the star of “Supernatural,” announced that he was cancelling his upcoming film.

The news came after he and his team were reportedly threatened with legal action and threatened to pull their movies from theaters.

On January 8, the day before “Superstar” was due to be released, Yoonsa announced that she was canceling her upcoming film and the rest of her films.

Now, Yon Ji Hyu has spoken to reporters, saying she is “not finished with the project” and that she plans to keep working on it.

“I am not finished with ‘Superstar’ and I will continue to do it.

I will make it better, and hopefully it will become more successful,” Yoon said in an interview with reporters on January 8.

“But the situation has become so serious that I decided to cancel the film.”

When asked if the film had been cancelled due to legal threats, Yoo Jae Suk replied, “I have no information about that.”

“Superstar,” directed by Yoon Hyun Jung and starring Yoon Jin Seo, has already been released in North America and China, and is now scheduled for a February 2017 release in South Korea.

Yoon has previously expressed that she hoped the film would be released “sooner rather than later,” but the situation is complicated by a number of factors, including her contractual commitments.

Yoon has been on a social media binge since announcing her intention to cancel her upcoming movie, with the social media user also posting a number, including, “No more Superstar.”

She also told fans, “It is the beginning of a new chapter for ‘Superman,'” referencing the superhero character from DC Comics.

Yoonsa also addressed some of the criticisms leveled at her acting, saying, “When I am performing in a movie, I don’t want to act because it makes me feel uncomfortable.

It makes me embarrassed, and it makes people uncomfortable.

I don of course do it out of respect for the producers and the director.”

In addition to being outspoken about her contract, Yong Ji Hyo also expressed disappointment in the decision to pull her films from theaters, saying that she felt “disappointed.”

“When I first announced ‘Superstars’ and ‘Superfan,’ I was very disappointed and disappointed,” Yoonsae said.

“I felt like I was being a hypocrite by not acting, because I did not think that acting would make me feel comfortable or at ease.

I think the fans of ‘SuperStar’ and of ‘SUPERfan’ will have to accept that the reason for me acting was to act.

It was a misunderstanding, but I think it was not a mistake on my part.”

Yoon Hyung Jung and Yoon Ja Eun are currently working on “SuperStar,” and the film is scheduled to hit theaters on February 13.

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