How to be a Korean superstar in 2018

By KIM SEO HYUN-JIN and KEUNG-HAN YEON-MENGA”If I was a star player and I didn’t have the best team, I wouldn’t be playing on a team with so many stars.”

The South Korean star is in a good position to become a top player in the game.

He is just 27 years old and has been on the rise with the likes of SKT T1, KT Rolster, and Samsung Galaxy, as well as playing in the World Championship finals.

He’s currently tied with Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok for the most championships in the world, and his team, Samsung Galaxy has won four of the past five titles.

He’s also a key cog in the Samsung Galaxy dynasty, having led the team to its third consecutive title in 2016.

But while he has some superstar potential, his biggest challenge might be keeping up with his younger teammates.

While there is no doubt he has the talent to be one of the most valuable players in the league, there are many other stars who could do just as well.

The most obvious is SKT player Jung “Blank” Jun-sik, who is in his prime and has just a handful of years left on his contract.

He has had a successful career and his teammates know it.

However, Blank has struggled to adapt to the fast pace of the pro game.

It’s not uncommon for players to be the best player on the field for a while before the next level kicks off.

Blank has said that he would prefer to play in Korea rather than a foreign country, but it’s a tough sell in the competitive scene.

Blank has said he would rather play in Europe, where he is a member of the European team CLG, rather than Korea.

In an interview with TheScore eSports, Blank said that “the biggest challenge is that I don’t know how to play at the highest level.

Korea is a huge league, and I don�t want to play like a bad player and lose my team.

It is difficult, but I have to keep playing and learn the game.”

Blank is just one example of how some players struggle to adapt.

In the recent history of professional League of Legends, the top five players have been Korean, and none have had any success.

A player with a star quality like SKT Faker is unlikely to be able to do much at the top level in Korea.

However he could do so with a team like SK Telecom T1.

The two teams have a similar style of play and have won three consecutive titles.

They’re not a team that will play the same way every game.

They’re not flashy, but SKT is known for having the best top laner in the region.

And they have one of Europe’s best top junglers in Choi “Kuro” Woo-yeong.

They could do well on paper if Blank is able to get a bit of a run.

Kuro is the first-ever player to be invited to the Proleague, and the second-best jungler in the country behind SKT’s Lee “Blanks” Jae-yong.

He won the Summoner�s Cup with Samsung Galaxy and is currently in the top three in the Pro League.

In addition to being a great player, Kuro is also a good communicator and an outstanding player.

His ability to keep up with the top jungler players has led to a huge spike in his popularity in Korea, and he’s currently in fourth place on the NA LCS ladder.

Kuro is the most well-known player in South Korea, but he�s also one of SK Telecom’s biggest fans.

Koro has become the most popular player in Korea in recent years, and with a number of fans cheering him on, he�ll make a strong case for his spot on the SKT team.

Koreans love to celebrate their Korean holidays.

If he can take his skills and his success to Europe, he could become a legend.

However, Kuro needs to adapt quickly to the game at the high level and he will need to adapt in a hurry.

It�s impossible to play a competitive game when you have no clue how to deal with the new mechanics of the game and the new metagame.

There will be many bumps in the road.

Korea’s best jungler is likely to be Kim “FeniX” Seong-min, who has the same amount of star power as Blank, but is in much better form.

FeniX has been playing professionally for four years and is one of South Korea’s most successful players.

He�s been on SK Telecom since 2016 and has won three titles in the past.

He also has the experience and knowledge to adapt fast.

He said, “My main goal is to get back to my old level and get back into the top tier.”

The key for FeniMax is to stay focused on the game, not

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