How to sell a company on e-commerce

Small business seol and e-tailer neil patten have both created e-shop offerings for their brands, and have been making a killing.

But it’s the latter’s website that has really caught the attention of investors.

The e-retailer’s website has just launched a new product offering, the Eunkwang (pronounced eunk), which is a small business selling a range of different products from the e-shops that it currently sells, including items such as a “pork skin” and “baked beans” (which it also sells).

Eunkwang, the website for a small company, uses a combination of e-sales and ecommerce to target its users, according to its website.

For example, e-buyers can purchase the eunkwangs “bacon” or “chicken skin” (pictured) on the einkwang site and then send the item to a customer in the eShop.

The customer will then receive a return email with their purchase number.

While the ekwang website is relatively new, it has already made some headway in the small business market.

In January, the company posted a 30 per cent year-on-year increase in net profit.

The site is currently selling for about $8 per item, and offers a variety of products, ranging from cosmetics and perfumes to furniture and clothing.

The company says that the products are “available at very competitive prices and at great value” (the ekwangs are currently selling on Amazon for around $30 per item).

However, the site does have a few caveats, such as that it is currently “only a test and has not been used by any customers,” the company said in a statement.

If the site goes live, it will be the first e-sellers to go public.

“While our customers are very excited to have a new source of income, they have also found that it can be hard to find a way to monetise your e-store without compromising your brand,” the website reads.

“To overcome this challenge, we have created an innovative and highly flexible service called the Einkwang, which allows users to choose from thousands of different e-stores to buy directly from their eShop, or to sell their products directly to customers.”

The eunk wang, which is being sold in a limited edition of 2,500 units, is priced at $1,900.

The website also offers an option to buy the eukwang for $1.99, with a 25 per cent discount.

The price drops to $1 per item if the customer has bought multiple items.

The einkwang can be purchased through the ecommerce platform, Etsy, and is available in black or white.

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