How to use Google Analytics tools to find and understand patient demographics and trends

Sacramento, CA — As the number of medical centers using Google Analytics grows, so does the need for data-driven decision making, said Chris Leblanc, MD, FACS, chief medical officer of medical technology firm Optus Health.

Optus, in a new report, outlines how to use these data tools to help optimize healthcare delivery.

The new Optus Healthcare Health Data Science tool is designed to help patients, providers, healthcare professionals and data scientists get more accurate, relevant and meaningful health information about their patients.

Optus analyzed data from nearly 700,000 Medicare patients to identify trends and trends in Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans, and the health outcomes of patients with chronic conditions and cancer.

In the report, Optus shows how to:The new tool uses a combination of publicly available Medicare data, Optum Health’s Health Data Analysis Platform and Optum’s proprietary data analytics tools.

The tool helps users analyze trends in their Medicare enrollees’ health care, as well as trends in other Medicare data.

For example, the tool shows that Medicare enrollee’s health outcomes were trending downward in 2014, but the rate of progression of disease has increased since that year.

The Optum tool also shows that enrollees who are over 65 years old are more likely to be in Medicare Advantage than those with younger or equal age, the report said.

As more healthcare data becomes available, Optums tools can help better understand how the healthcare system operates and what factors contribute to its performance.

Optum is a leader in delivering healthcare data to healthcare providers.

Optums Healthcare HealthData Analytics Platform provides data analysis tools to healthcare systems that are both private and public.

For example, Optomos Healthcare Health Services, Optimos Health Solutions and Optimas Health Services offer the tool to healthcare provider customers.

The tool helps them understand how to improve their systems to deliver the best healthcare for their customers.

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