10 Working Tips to Rank Higher on Google – Quick Increase SERP

How to Rank a Website in Google

Everyone who has a website wants to rank it on the higher position of Google. But most of the bloggers are suffering from the low ranking. That’s why because they have not optimized their website according to the Google algorithm. Only that website will rank in Google who meets up with its algorithm. So here today we will talk about 10 hacks that have set up according to the latest algorithm.

How to Rank Higher on Google

1. Update Content 

If you are not doing the regular update in your content then this is the bad thing for you. Regular update in the content is the great thing that will impact google to rank your website. You need to stay updated as per time to time. When you will start regular updates as per changing the things then it will definitely help you.

2. Backlinks Profile

It is the most common factor to rank a website in google. If your website is getting great support from other websites then it will help you to rank higher. So if you are not getting Backlinks then you must outreach to another website for the Backlinks. Always check your competitor’s Backlinks profile and if they linking with high authority website then you should also try to get a link from there. Seo needs great backlinks profile for ranking higher on google.

3. User Experience

User experience is the master key to rank higher in 2019. Because google intention is to satisfy the user by providing accurate information. So before thinking your own benefit in the article as a good ranking, you must care about the user experience.

Your intention should provide that particular information which one is beneficial for the user. If there is valuable content only then the visitors stay on your page, otherwise he will click back. And this thing plays an important role while deciding your position on google.

4. Website Speed

There was speed update in July 2019 from google. And in this update google has recommended high-speed website will get boost up in their ranking. So now you should implement this tactic and try to optimize your website speed. Make sure you need to choose a faster hosting provider, delete unwanted images, plugins, cache, etc. You should also use optimized & compressed images with the proper alt text.

5. Title Tag & Meta Description

When you’re righting for a particular keyword term then you should give the proper title tag & meta description for this. You great optimized content is worst without having the accurate combination of the meta tags.

Before choosing the title tag you should check the top rank website’s title tag combination. We don’t say you need to copy them, but you should definitely take the idea of putting the title tag & meta description.

6. Keyword Accuracy 

If you want to rank for any particular keyword then you must inform to google about it. Yeah, guys, you should put your keyword in first 100 words, you can do bold or italic. The keyword density should be four to five percent.

We don’t recommend to put the keywords with forcefully, make its own sense and then use this. Having a keyword in the last of the article is also a good idea. Make an accurate combination of the keyword with title tag & meta description.

7. Mobile-Friendly Website

Approx 90 percent of the visitors come from the mobile device. So our website should definitely well mobile optimized. A website should responsive as per any of the mobile resolutions. All the important parts of your website should properly design and well structured as per the mobile users. This is a great thing to rank a website on google because it will gain user experience well.

8. Stay Updated With Google Algorithm

Google do small & major updates in its algorithm. Google can announce any particular update at any time. So you should stay updated with its latest algorithms, you can visit the Search Engine Land portal for the latest updates about the Google ranking factors.

9. Social Websites Connection

It is very good things to rank your fresh article by sharing this on social media website like – Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. If your content has great quality and it gets many sharing then it also improves your SERP. So always share your latest post on the relevant pages of social media websites.

10. Interlinking

To link your own page with the relevant pages & categories is a good way to reduce your bounce rate. It is also helpful for the user experience because it provides more information about any particular topic.

Make sure always link the relevant pages to each other. If there is irrelevancy then it can also hurt your search engine ranking. Always try to link the related topic for clear out any particular term so that user can easily get the accurate information.


Guys these are top 10 boosting steps to your rank higher on google. If we will talk about the conclusion of this article then you should need to improve your user experience. If your website user is happy by visiting your web page then you will be on the top of SERP. So always focus on the user experience as compared to other things. Right now this is master key.

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